National Program on Violence Prevention

Contributed by: Vanja Mikulic and Irena Milatovic, Montenegro National VAW Monitors 


Responsible drafter: Ministry of Health, Commission for project development “Violence and health”

Adopted by the Government of the Republic of Montenegro, on 13. 11. 2003

Summary: The problem of violence and the importance of its prevention have been recognized in Montenegro, so the Ministry of Health has accepted the recommendations of WHO and initiated the development of a proposal for the National Program of Violence Prevention (NPVP). Violence is now the problem of each individual, family and the whole society.

The overall aim of NPVP, which will be realized through the Activity Plan Program, is to reduce all kinds of violence and to alleviate its effects. There are twenty-two specific goals outlined by the NPVP.

The expected results are to reduce the number of cases, improve treatment for endangered persons and ensure effective protection from violence.

The team that worked on NPVP development is multidisciplinary and includes representatives of health institutions, law enforcement and judiciary, education, labor and social welfare, and representatives from NGOs and civil sector, especially from the field of human rights protection.

NPVP have established the basic principles of government policy toward all kinds of violence, along with priority actions for the period 2003 – 2007.

The responsible body is the Government of Montenegro, which includes ministries from the fields of health, interior, labor and social welfare, judiciary, education and science, along with their institutions, other governmental departments and NGOs.

Within the NPVP, the complete current situation is analyzed, so relevant data and information will be available, such as:

- Classification of all kinds of violence;

- Recognition that the problem of violence has been ignored, particularly violence against women, children, youth, elderly and disabled persons.  As a result, there are no available data;

- The rates of suicide in 2000 and 2002 in Montenegro; 

- Representative data received from Social Service in Podgorica that indicate violence against women in marriage and their children;

- Data received from SOS hotline for women and children victims of violence in Podgorica that are indicate violence against women and children;

- There are no available data on child abuse in the family, nor in the educational or health institutions.

The proposal of priority activities:

1. Establish a Council for coordination, which will be a multidisciplinary team that will coordinate different activities

2. Establish an educational-therapeutic center to provide educational, prevention programs and therapeutic work with victims

3. Establish a crisis center against violence in order to provide treatment for victims of violence

4. Conduct institutional advisory work by establishing counseling services within institutions    

4.1 Offer counseling service for marriage and family

4.2 Offer counseling service for youth

4.3 Offer counseling service for early child development

5. Establish a database of valid and representative data, for purposes of monitoring the implementation of NPVP activities

6. Develop codes of conduct for officials of Ministry of Interior, health institutions and social services

6.1 Create a code of conduct with abused persons

6.2 Create a code of conduct for obligatory inter-institutional procedure in cases of violence

7. Conduct education and training that “Violence is a problem of public health” for professionals within governmental and NGO institutions

8. Conduct media campaigns to prevent violence

9. Carry out research projects a global and local level in Montenegro regarding the diffusion of violence, its causes and effects, etc.

10. Carry out legal reform 

11. Train officials of institutions, expert-associates and non-professionals (as part of the legal reform objective, officials from the institutions should be educated on the topic of violence

12. Create an ombudsman specifically for the protection of women and children's rights 

13. Develop a report on the situation of human rights and women and children's rights in Montenegro. These should be obligatory reports that present the real and exact situation.

The activities of NPVP will be financed from the budget of the Republic of Montenegro, but the costs are expected to be partly covered through international donations (USAID, UNICEF, OSCE, Stability Pact).

Total budget: 1,660,000 Euro. 

Within the NPVP there are recommendations for local departments, as well as recommendations for NGOs.

Attached you can download NPVP in Serbian.