Training Modules
Introductory Block
  • Sample Acquaintance Exercise (Word | PDF)
  • Sample Expectations Exercise (Word | PDF)
  • Pre-Test About Sexual Harassment (Word | PDF)
Identifying the Problem
  • What is Sexual Harassment? (Word | PDF)
  • Sexual Harassment Case Scenarios (Word | PDF)
Researching the Problem
  • Causes, Theories and Effects of Sexual Harassment (Word | PDF)
Addressing the Problem
  • Improving Judicial Response to Sexual Harassment in the Courtroom (Word | PDF)
  • Employee Training on Addressing Sexual Harassment (Word | PDF)

Please note that these trainings on based on jurisdictions that address sexual harassment through civil law, rather than criminal law, systems.

Closing Block
  • Sample Closing Exercises (Word | PDF)
  • Sample Evaluation Forms (Word | PDF)