Declaration on Gender Equality

Contributed by: Irena Milatovic and Vanja Mikulic , Montenegro National VAW Monitors

Ten parliamentary parties in Montenegro signed the Declaration on Gender Equality in Podgorica on April 8, 2006. With this document, all relevant subjects in Montenegro are called on for the promotion of a balanced representation of women and men in decision-making processes.


The Declaration presents the crown of a five-year period of strength and cooperation between Norvegian Peoples Aid (NPA) and NGO Women Forum through the project «Women Can Do It». At the end of 2005 and beginning of 2006, they organized seminars «Women and political impact» with representatives of all political parties in Montenegro.

The Declaration, inter alia, requests the initiation of the amendment of the Law on the election of deputies and councellors, which will introduce quotas for the less represented sex. At least 30% of women on electoral lists and at least 30% of women elected in representative bodies on all levels is requested.

Here you can find the Declaration on Gender Equality in Sebian language.

Source: NGO Women's Forum