Research and Reports

last updated August 2015

2015 Trafficking in Persons Report: Albania (June 2015), U.S. Department of State, Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons. This annual report tracks international and domestic efforts to end human trafficking, evaluating progress made in more than 180 countries. The annual TIP report is the U.S. Government’s primary diplomatic tool in the effort to end forced labor, sexual exploitation, and modern-day slavery. Earlier TIP Reports may be accessed on the U.S. State Department website. 

WAVE Report 2014: Specialized Women’s Support Services and New Tools for Combatting Gender-Based Violence in Europe (2015), Kelly Blank, Marion Lesure, and Rosa Logar for Women Against Violence Europe (WAVE).

Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2013: Albania (2014), U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor.

Country Information and Guidance – Albania: Trafficking (July 2014), United Kingdom Home Office.

Country Report 2013: Reality Check on European Services for Women and Children Survivors of Violence – A Right for Protection and Support? (2014), Women Against Violence Europe (WAVE).

Universal Periodic Review Second Cycle – Albania, United Nations, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (April 2014). UN Human Rights Council (HRC) review of Albania’s human rights record, including the country’s efforts to protect women and girls from violence. Published documents include Albania’s national report to the HRC and the Report of the Working Group. 

Shadow Report on the Implementation of the CEDAW Convention in Albania (June 2010), Gender Alliance for Development Center (GADC) and the Albanian Women Empowering Network (AWEN).

Study on the Social -Economic Reintegration of Victims of Trafficking in Albania (2009), Meshi, Marjana, Picari, Blerta, and Pinderit, Reta, "Different and Equal" Non-Governmental Organization.

Seeking Protection from Domestic Violence:  A handbook for victims and non-profit organizations (2007), Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Presence in Albania.

Report on Enforcement of the Law "On Measures Against Domestic Violence" (2009), Anastasi, Dr. Aurelia, Saraci, Beza, and Bozo, Aurela, Center for Legal Civic Initiatives and Civil Rights Defenders.

Violence in the Family and in the Communities with Different Ethnicities (2008), Toska, Ariana, Corrokaj, Armila, and Aliaj, Emirtela.

CEDAW Shadow Report on Situation of Women and Girls in the Republic of Albania (2007), Albanian Coalition for the Preparation of Alternative Reports – ACPAR.

The Girls and the Trafficking: Study on the development of trafficking in women in Albania (2005), Lesko, Vera.

Albania 2009 Progress Report (2010), Commission of the European Communities to the European Parliament and the Council.

Report by the Commissioner for Human Rights Mr. Thomas Hammarberg on His Visit to Albania (June 2008), Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights. 

National Strategy on Gender Equality and Domestic Violence 2007-2010 (2007) Government of Albania Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, translated into English by OSCE.

Albania: Violence Against Women in the Family: "It's Not Her Shame" (March 2006), Amnesty International.

Domestic Violence in Albania (1996), The Advocates for Human Rights.