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last updated January 2009

Study on the Social -Ecomonic Reintegration of Victims of Trafficking in Albania (2009), Meshi, Marjana, Picari, Blerta, and Pinderit, Reta, "Different and Equal" NGO.

Seeking Protection from Domestic Violence:  A handbook for victims and non-profit organizations (2007), OSCE Presence in Albania.

Report on Enforcement of the Law "On Measures Against Domestic Violence" (2009), Anastasi, Dr. Aurelia, Saraci, Beza, and Bozo, Aurela, Pub. by Center for Legal Civic Initiatives and Civil Rights Defenders.

Violence in the Family and in the Communities with Different Ethnicities (2008), Toska, Ariana, Corrokaj, Armila, and Aliaj, Emirtela.

The Girls and the Trafficking: Study on the development of trafficking in women in Albania (2005), Lesko, Vera.

Albania - Amnesty International Report 2008: Human Rights in Republic of Albania Albania, Amnesty International (HTML).

Operational Guidance Note: Albania, United Kingdom Home Office’s Border & Immigration Agency, December 2008 (PDF, 22 pages).

Albania 2008 Progress Report, Commission of the European Communities to the European Parliament and the Council (COM(2008)674), 5 November 2008   (PDF, 55 pages).

Report by the Commissioner for Human Rights Mr. Thomas Hammarberg on His Visit to Albania, Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights, 18 June 2008 (PDF, 25 pages).

Trafficking in Persons Report 2008 – Albania, United States Department of State, 4 June 2008. Posted online at UNHCR Refworld.

National Strategy on Gender Equality and Domestic Violence 2007-2010, Government of Albania Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, translated into English by OSCE, 2007 (PDF, 149 pages).

Albania: Violence Against Women in the Family: "It's Not Her Shame," Amnesty International, 30 March 2006 (index no. EUR 11/002/2006) (in HTML or PDF, and in English or Albanian).

 2004 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices: Albania[KT1] , Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, U.S. Department of State, 28 February 2005.
Section 5 of the report contains a paragraph on the status of women in Albania, and a subsection on trafficking.

Legislation in the Member States of the Council of Europe in the Field of Violence Against Women, prepared in part by Jill Radford, United Kingdom, for the Council of Europe's Steering Committee for Equality Between Men and Women, March 2004 (Doc. EG 2004 2).
This report details national legislation dealing with violence against women in 38 of the 45 Council of Europe member states. In 1995, the Council requested member states to complete a questionnaire on relevant legislation, and subsequent research completed by the Council allowed for a survey of the varying legislation of member states. The report consists of two volumes, ending with a list of good practices and effective legislation prohibiting violence against women. Pages 7-9 contain country informaton on Albania.

2003 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices: Albania, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, U.S. Department of State, 25 February 2004.
Section 5 of the report contains a paragraph on the status on women in Albania, and Section 6 contains a subsection on trafficking.

Safe For Whom? Women's Human Rights Abuses and Protection in 'Safe List' Countries: Albania, Jamaica and Ukraine, Asylum Aid, Refugee Women's Resource, June 2004. (PDF, 218 pages). This report looks at the status of women in Albania, exploring relevant international human rights law and the criminal code as it pertains to issues such as domestic violence, trafficking and other forms of violence against women.

 Gender and Minority Issues in Albania, Minority Rights Group, 2003. (PDF, 8 pages).
This report was published with the findings of the seminar held in Tirana, Albania.  According to the report women face exclusion and poverty, and  minority women in South-East Europe also face multiple discrimination based on ethnicity, religion or linguistic differences. Trafficking in women is an especially urgent issue for minorities in the region. More information on minority women in Albania is available here.

Domestic Violence Against Women in Albania, UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), 2003. (PDF, 67 pages).
According to the report 40 percent of women in 11 districts were regularly subjected to physical violence and 64 percent were subjected to physical and psychological violence.

Integration of the Human Rights of Women and the Gender Perspective - Violence Against Women, Addendum 1, Radhika Coomaraswamy, Special Rapporteur on violence against women, its causes and consequences, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, 27 Feb. 2003. (PDF, 435 pages). 
This report has information regarding the status of women in Albania. Information on Albania can be found on page 336.

World Report 2003: Albania, Human Rights Watch.

Epidemiological Facts Sheets on HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections: Albania, UNAIDS, WHO and UNICEF, 2002. (PDF, 13 pages).
This report provides statistical and behavioural information on HIV/AIDS in Albania.

Women 2000: An Investigation into the Status of Women's Rights in Central and South-Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent States, International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights, 5 November 2000.

A Form of Slavery:  Trafficking in Women in OSCE Member States, The International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights, prepared for the OSCE Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting on Trafficking in Human Beings, Vienna, 19 June 2000. (Available in PDF and HTML, 91 pages).
This report is based on information gathered through questionnaires and contains data on such issues as existing legislation, government policies and NGO initiatives, and victim support services for twenty-nine countries in the CEE and FSU, including Albania. Information about Albania can be found on page one.

A Perspective on Women's Human Rights, International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights, 2000. (PDF, 20 pages).
This report describes the laws on violence against women, the role of law enforcement, social initiatives, and the status of women in the labor sector and in decision-making positions in Albania.

Women 2000 - An Investigation into the Status of Women's Rights in Central and South-Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent States, International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights, 5 November 2000. (PDF, 14 pages).
This report describes the situation and legal framework of discrimination and violence against women, including domestic violence, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation and trafficking.

Domestic Violence in Albania, The Advocates for Human Rights, 1996. (PDF, 27 pages).
This report documents domestic violence as a human rights violation in Albania. The report gives a historical background on Albania and examines evidence of domestic violence in that country. The report also analyzes relevant Albanian laws and their implementation and compares these laws to Albania's obligations under international law

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