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Last updated December 15, 2010

A Gender Analysis of the Hungarian Development Aid, Réka Sáfrány, MONA Foundation, produced by The Network of East-West Women – Poland Gdansk, 2008.
This paper aims to contribute to the assessment of Hungary’s international development cooperation policy and activity from a gender perspective. Hungary re-initiated its international development and foreign assistance activity while joining the European Union, as its membership gave rise to new obligations in this field. Tied to these was the expectation to integrate the gender perspective into the area of development policy, similarly to other policy areas, in order to attain gender equality. The focus of this inquiry is to determine to what extent Hungary’s official policy and activities promote the implementation of gender equality and women’s empowerment in development cooperation, based on activities since 2004 and on available plans for future activities.

2005 Report to UN Division for the Advancement of Women, NANE Women’s Rights Association, 2005. 
NGO Report on violence against women in Hungary.

2004 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices: Hungary, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, U.S. Dept. of State, 28 February 2005.
Section 5 of the report contains a paragraph on the status of women in Hungary, and a subsection on trafficking.

Third Report on Hungary, European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance, adopted on 5 December, 2003 Strasbourg 8 June 2004, Council of Europe, (CRI 2004) 22 (PDF, 37 pages);Hungarian (PDF, 39 pages).
This report discusses whether Hungary has implemented the  recommendations of ECRI's prior reports. The report also addresses "specific issues" and makes recommendations to the country. The ECRI specifically recommended that Hungary monitor the status of minorities, taking into account "the gender dimension, particularly from the viewpoint of possible double or multiple discrimination."

2003 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices: Hungary, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, U.S. Dept. of State, 25 February 2004.
This report includes a section on women, as well as a separate section on trafficking, in Hungary.

Gender Assessment of the Impact of EU Accession on the Status of Women in the Labour Market in CEE, National Study: Hungary, Szilvia Szabo, Social Innovation Foundation and Karat Coalition, 2003. (PDF, 67 pages).
This report provides an overview of Hungary and EU accession, women's access to jobs and equal pay, and the relationship between social services and employment.

Abbreviated Version of the Report Prepared About the Activities of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Civil Rights and his Deputy General in 2003, Dr. Albert Takacs and Dr. Barnabas Lenkovics, General Deputy of the Parliamentary Commissioner and Parliamentary Commissioner for Civil Rights, 2003.

Integration of the Human Rights of Women and the Gender Perspective - Violence Against Women, Addendum 1, Radhika Coomaraswamy, Special Rapporteur on violence against women, its causes and consequences, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, 27 Feb. 2003. (PDF, 435).  
This report has information regarding sexual harassment, rape, prostitution, trafficking and domestic violence against women in HungaryInformation on Hungary can be found on page 363.

Monitoring the EU Accession Process: Equal Opportunities for Women and Men in Hungary, Open Society Institute, 2002. (PDF, 64 pages). 
This report analyzes the principles of equal pay for equal work, equal treatment in access to employment, vocational training, promotions and working conditions, the protection of pregnant women, the burden of proof in sex discrimination cases, parental leave, equal treatment in social security, and non-discrimination against part-time and self-employed workers. The report cites relevant provisions and describes the current situation in Hungary.

Women 2000 - An Investigation into the Status of Women's Rights in Central and South- Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent States, International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights. 5 November 2000. (PDF, pages 187-218). 
This report contains information on domestic violence, sexual abuse, and sexual exploitation of women. It also provides a list of non-profit organizations with shelters and hotlines that help women who are victims of violence. 
Information on violence against women can be found on pages 205-212.

A Form of Slavery: Trafficking in Women in OSCE Member States, International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights, 19 June 2000. (PDF, 86 pages). 
This report is based on information gathered in the region through questionnaires. It contains data for 29 countries in the CEE and CIS, including Hungary, on issues such as existing legislation, government policies and NGO initiatives, existing victim support services, and research.

National Action Plans for the Integration of Rural Women in Development: Case Studies in Hungary and Slovenia, Women in Development, Food and Agriculture Organisation, 1997.
This report describes Hungary's economic background, the general and socio-economic status of rural women, government and NGO efforts, and the national action plan.

Overview of the Socio-Economic Position of Rural Women in Selected Central and Eastern European Countries - Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia, Food and Agriculture Organisation, 1996. 
This report examines the role of rural women on the farm and in the family, their participation in education, training, and services, their knowledge of home economics, their level of household technology, problems, priorities, social security and legal issues they face, and domestic research and development programs on rural women. Section 10.7 specifically addresses Hungary.

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