Resources for Domestic Violence and Housing Issues
last updated August 2013
Educating women about their housing rights and options is a vital role for advocates and attorneys. The following are useful resources.
United States
Summarizes state laws that prohibit discrimination against, or provide protections for, domestic violence victims.
Answers FAQs about housing programs and legal protections in VAWA 2013.
U.S. National Network to End Domestic Violence, The Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization of 2013: Housing Protections (Section 601), Housing: Legislative Policies and Action, Housing Project (supports transitional housing programs through training, program development, and policy advocacy). 
Stern, Naomi, “Early Lease Termination by Battered Tenants,” Domestic Violence Report, February/March 2005.
Includes strategies for negotiating early lease terminations; intended for attorneys.  A summary is available as a PDF file.


Women Against violence Europe (WAVE), Country Reports and European Statistics (regularly updated).
Provides information on services available to victims of domestic violence by country.


Global Network of Women’s Shelters, 2012 Global Data Count.
Compilation of data provided by 121 participating agencies from 44 countries.