Sample Letter of Inquiry #2
Organization's Letterhead

City, State, Zip

Dear (name w/title):

          The (organization) is a (describe organization using action words—for example, "private nonprofit agency that has taken the lead in providing temporary shelter for young 'street people' in ABC city"). I am writing to see if you would consider a proposal (describe need or project—for example, "to expand the employment and counseling services available to these youth").

          Our organization (describe current activities, achievements and goals—for example, "currently operates four shelters serving seventy-five young people each night. This is an increase of 30 percent from last year. Our major goal is to convince these young people to seek some form of additional education, to become employed, and where appropriate, to return home").

          We believe (describe the way in which the proposal would leverage the work of your organization—for example, "our chances of accomplishing this would be improved by a person working among the shelters who could direct our residents to the alternative education, employment, health and mental health counseling in services available throughout the city"). Your foundation has expressed a special interest in (describe are of interest that overlaps with the proposal—for example "the coordination of services to young people"). We hope that you will give our project further consideration.

          (Describe support from other organizations or groups, and show that others are also working on or have acknowledged the problem—for example, "Other community services involved have pledged their cooperation. They agree that a major problem in reaching these young people is the intake process and that this process can best be initiated at our shelters"). We estimate the cost of this project the first year at (amount), of which (amount) will be provided by the cooperating agencies. We hope you will consider a proposal for the remainder of the needed funds.

          I will be calling shortly to seek an appointment to discuss this project. (List anyone you are working with who is known to the foundation—for example, "Ms. Smith of DEF agency, one of your past grantees, will be accompanying me. She is helping me in the design of this project"). In the meantime, I would greatly appreciate receiving a copy of your application guidelines and any instructions for preparing a completed proposal. A copy of our (describe NGO registration certification—for example, "501(c)(3) letter") is attached.