Anti-Discrimination & Equal Opportunity Laws
last updated December 2014

In partnership with UN Women, The Advocates for Human Rights created the following sections for UN Women’s Virtual Knowledge Centre to End Violence against Women and Girls.  This section, along with sections addressing other forms of violence against women and girls, may be found under Legislation at

Broad based anti-discrimination laws focus on protecting individuals based on a specific characteristic that may make them more vulnerable to discrimination, such as sex, race, age, or sexual orientation, for example. Anti-discrimination legislation is focused on effectively eradicating discrimination, of which punishing perpetrators may only be a small part. The use of anti-discrimination legislation to prohibit sexual harassment was pioneered in the United States, which addresses sexual harassment at the federal level through Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. (See: Approaches to and Remedies under Sexual Harassment Law, StopVAW, The Advocates for Human Rights)