Child Protection Provisions
last updated October 2014

In partnership with UN Women, The Advocates for Human Rights created the following sections for UN Women's Virtual Knowledge Centre to End Violence against Women and Girls. This section, along with sections addressing other forms of violence against women and girls, may be found under Legislation at

  Legislation should ensure that there are child welfare laws and policies to prevent child abuse.

  Legislation should identify child marriage as a form of child abuse.

  Legislation should mandate that child marriage prevention and prosecution are given the same resources as other forms of child abuse. 

  Legislation should create a child protection system that contains, at a minimum, survivor support, alternative care options, family support services, justice system responses (see order for protection section below) and referral mechanisms.  See: UNICEF Child Protection Strategy for all the components necessary to establish a child protection system. (See: Child Protection: A handbook for Parliamentarians)