Estonia, population 1,300,000, is located Eastern Europe, on the south side of Gulf of Finland between Latvia and Russia. Twenty-five percent of Estonian women are estimated to be victims of domestic abuse. The Penal Code does not explicitly criminalize domestic violence, and there is no specific law addressing it. In its 2002 concluding observations, the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women urged Estonia "to place high priority on comprehensive measures to address violence against women in the family and in society, and to recognize that such violence, including domestic violence, constitutes a violation of the human rights of women under the Convention."


Human trafficking is also a problem in Estonia. It is primarily a country of origin for trafficking to Western Europe and Nordic countries. Although trafficking is not defined as such in the  Estonian legislation, several provisions were introduced into the Penal Code in 2002 which may be used to prosecute the crime. The government also supports an NGO trafficking hotline which provides information about risks associated with trafficking to those interested in working abroad. The Ministry of Social Affairs, along with the Nordic Council of Ministers, has launched a preventative program against trafficking to improve public awareness and international cooperation. 

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