European Union Compliance
Map source: Copyright European Commission. In 2004, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia acceeded to the European Union. The 2007 EU candidate countries are Bulgaria and Romania. Turkey and Croatia are also involved in accession negotiations.
last updated October 30, 2003

Slovakia is set to join the European Union (EU) on 1 May 2004 and continues to work toward full compliance with the EU Copenhagen criteria. The Slovak government has taken several initiatives to comply with the social and employment policies of the acquis communautaire. According to the 2002 Regular Report on Slovakia's Progress Towards Accession, Slovakia has made significant legislative progress regarding issues of gender, especially in the Criminal and Labor Code. The Monitoring Report on the Slovak Republic's Progress in its Preparation for the EU Membership noted that recent labor law amendments, adopted on 21 May 2003, completed the transposition of all Directives that the Slovak government was required to implement by that deadline. This included the specification of provisions that prohibit discrimination according to Directive 76/207 on equal treatment for men and women and Directive 2000/78 on establishing a framework on equal treatment in employment.


However, the 2002 report concludes that "effective implementation and enforcement are crucial and attention now needs to be turned to developing appropriate and adequately financed information, training and institutions." Furthermore, Slovakia continues to be a "country of origin, transit and destination for the trafficking of women and children." Some steps have been taken to combat the practice, including a special office designated to address trafficking and an amended Criminal Code reinforcing measures to combat trafficking.