Funding Needed to Implement Council of Europe Trafficking Convention

Lithuanian government leaders said they do not have the funds to fully implement the Council of Europe’s (COE) Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings, which Lithuania ratified in 2012. Members of the Lithuanian parliament, or Seima, told a visiting group of COE experts on human trafficking that Lithuania is committed to the fight against trafficking, including identifying and helping victims. However, the Seima members said that the Convention’s “practical implementation is still stalling, in most cases due to an insufficient budget.”

The COE group of experts, known as GRETA, monitors implementation of the anti-trafficking Convention. GRETA visited Lithuania in May 2014 and will prepare a report on the country’s compliance with the provisions of the Convention. The report will likely be released in 2015. 

Compiled from: Lithuania lacks funding to implement human trafficking convention provisions, The Lithuania Tribune (May 22, 2014).