Harmful Practices: Law and Policy

last updated June 2010

Various international and regional human rights instrument and policy documents address, either directly or indirectly, the issue of harmful practices. The international legal and policy framework obliges all States to enact, implement, and monitor legislation on all forms of violence against women and girls, including harmful practices. While some instruments explicitly reference one or more harmful practices, for the most part, the instruments discussed below refer generally to harmful traditional or cultural practices.
Following are law and policy documents related to harmful traditional practices that disadvantage women:
Explore the international treaties, declarations, resolutions and other international law and policy documents aimed at ending harmful, discriminatory practices.
Access regional policy documents and legal instruments that regulate or criminalize harmful practices in the regions of Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.
Learn how organizations like the Advocates for Human Rights can help make recommendations on amending and drafting new laws on harmful traditional practices that constitute violence against women.