Kyrgyzstan, population 5 million, is located in Central Asia.

The Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic guarantees equal protection to all citizens. Article 13 states that "All persons in the Kyrgyz Republic are equal before law and the court. No person shall be subject to any kind of discrimination, violation of his rights and freedoms on the ground of origin, sex, race, nationality, language, religion, political and religious convictions or any other circumstances of personal or public character." The same article states that “In the Kyrgyz Republic men and women have equal freedoms and rights, and equal opportunities for their realization”. The new Constitution was adopted by referendum on October 21, 2007.  

Despite a proactive and influential women’s NGO community, two supportive domestic laws regarding gender equality, participation in CEDAW and other UN treaties which promote equality, and two National Plans of Action to Achieve Gender Equality over the past ten years, significant impediments to the cessation of gender violence still exist in Kyrgyzstan.

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