National Plan of Action
THE VOICE OF THE FUTURE is the title given to a press briefing by youth delegates attending the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China on 9 September 1995. Shown here is the panel moderated by Ms. Sherrill Whittington, Youth Advisor to the Conference Secretariat. Credit: UN/DPI 090214/M. Grant.
last updated January 2009

The Albanian Council of Ministers approved the Albania Strategy for Gender Equality and Against Domestic Violence in December 2008.  The Strategy has eight priorities and a Plan of Action for 2007-2010.  The plan is being implemented.

In 1998, the Committee on Women and Family was established, which outlined a Platform of Action for the Improvement of the Status of Women in Albania 1999-2000. The Platform identified four areas of priority for women that were most in need of attention: 1) gender equality in politics and decision-making processes; 2) economy; 3) social issues; and 4) health. It also outlined several objectives and strategies for each area.

According to Seeline-Project, the National Machinery in Albania has changed several times since 1992. In 2001, the Committee on Equal Opportunities ("CEO") became the main governmental body responsible for the advancement of women. The CEO, which consists of ten individuals, functions under the authority of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. The CEO has been given only general mandates and authority, and it is unclear who holds primary responsibility for overseeing the equal opportunity policies. The CEO is charged with the following tasks: implementing policies on women and families; promoting gender equality at the local and central levels; implementing and assessing government programs on gender; proposing amendments to laws with regard to women's and children's rights in accordance with international law; supporting and coordinating NGOs working on gender and family issues, and; coordinating assistance programs with national and international groups. Unfortunately, the budget allocated to the CEO has been insufficient for realizing all of the outlined objectives.