Resources on the Issue of Sexual Harassment and Trade Unions

last updated November 22, 2003

Below is a list of some resources relevant to the issue of sexual harassment and trade unions: - sexual harassment-resources and reports;

Annotated Bibliography on Sexual Harassment at Work, International Labor Organization, Conditions of Work Branch, including a wide range of sources on sexual harassment, including many that discuss collective bargaining and the role of trade unions.

Catalogue of ILO Publications on Occupational Safety and Health: Sexual Harassment, 2000; last updated March 2001., including a listing of guides and manuals, reports, and other publications.

Camille Colatosi and Elissa Karg, Stopping Sexual Harassment, A Handbook for Union and Workplace Activities,” 1992, available for purchase online at

Roger Blanpain (edt), Collective Bargaining, Discrimination, Social Security and European Integration, 2003. Includes twenty-three papers on labor law, including discussions of collective bargaining in various countries and “Sexual Harassment and Collective Bargaining in Spain,” by Ana Murcia Claveria.