United States Standards for Batterers' Intervention Programs
last updated October 17, 2008

As of January 2008, 45 states have standards for Batterer Intervention Programs.From:  http://www.biscmi.org/other_resources/state_standards.html

Many states require that programs be certified in order to receive funding.  State agencies monitor BIPs for compliance with these standards. State standards regulate program protocol, such as requiring that programs report threats of violence to the victim and to the police.  The majority of states also require that the BIP work with battered women’s advocates.  Finally, staff qualifications, fees, intake procedures and curriculum content are often regulated by state standards.From:  Austin, Juliet, and Dankwort, Juergen, A Review of Standards for Batterer Intervention Programs, Harrisburg, PA, 1997: VAWnet, a project of the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence/Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence, http://www.vawnet.org.

For a specific example of a detailed state standard, see the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence Standards for Batterers Intervention Programs. For specific suggestions on running a BIP (for example, the number and gender of counselors, group size and length, program length, etc.) see Assessing and Monitoring Programs for Men Who Abuse Women by Lundy Bancroft. (March 2007)