last updated June 8, 2011

There are several resources for sharing video online, YouTube is a popular and efficient way to upload and view videos online.  YouTube is accessed by billions of individuals around the world and thus enables the rapid spread of information through videos. Users with youtube accounts can upload and share personal videos, comment on other videos, and create playlists of videos.  Many news sources and organizations have their own youtube channels where most, if not all, of their programming can be found. Users and visitors can search or browse for videos and Youtube also makes recommendations for related videos that may interest viewers based on past searches and views.  YouTube records the number of views for each video and allows users to ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ and post comments on each video. Thus, often NGOs have a moderator monitor the conversations to protect against offensive and inappropriate comments, to ensure that the discussion remains a productive dialogue surrounding human rights.   

YouTube videos can be a good forum for low budget videos. Videos on youtube can range in quality and complexity. YouTube limits video time to a maximum of 15 minutes for each video, so longer videos must be separated into sections and uploaded.  They can be high budget movies, but also simple homemade movies filmed with handheld or mobile phone cameras, or simply PowerPoints turned into movies. It is important to obtain the consent of those depicted before uploading the video to YouTube.
Because YouTube is monitored to uphold copyright law, it is important to only upload original work and respect the rules of copyright for all content, including music, that might be used in the video.
If a video cannot be found on YouTube, another effective media search engine is Google video.  Google video search is simply a search option on the page, but results can be sorted by duration, time posted, relevance, quality and source.  Many of the results of Google video search are YouTube videos, but other are directly hosted on news, organization or personal websites.