August 2013 VAW Monitor



August 2013


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StopVAW Website News  

National News

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New Research and Reports

The Stop Violence Against Women website (StopVAW) is a forum for information, advocacy, and change. The site addresses violence against women as one of the most pervasive human rights abuses worldwide. StopVAW provides women's rights advocates with information and advocacy tools focused on ending the most endemic forms of violence against women, including domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and trafficking in persons.



StopVAW Website News


StopVAW Update: The UN Entities portion of the StopVAW website was updated

The International Law section/United Nations Entities has been updated to include the most recent information on UN bodies that relate to violence against women. This sub-section describes the organization of the UN. It includes information on UN Women, a program created through the merger and expansion of other United Nations work that focused on issues relating to women. It also includes information on other entities that are either a part of the UN system or are not officially a part of the UN system, but maintain close ties with the UN, including the Commission on the Status of Women. Learn More 


StopVAW Update: The European System portion of the StopVAW website was updated

This portion of the StopVAW website was updated to include information on new Member States to the European Union, Council of Europe, and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe; information on the Regional Cooperation Council; recent case law highlighting the relationship between the European Union's Court of Justice and the Council of Europe's Court of Human Rights; and more. This information was compiled to aid advocates in navigating the European human rights system. Links have been provided to major European human rights institutions. Additionally, the website includes guidance on how to: submit complaints to various enforcement mechanisms, monitor compliance with European human rights documents, acquire NGO consultative status, and utilize strategies to impact the European Union accession process. Learn more



StopVAW Update: The Stalking portion of the StopVAW website was updated and expanded 

The section of StopVAW on Stalking was updated and expanded to reflect more recent data and relevant concerns in the area of stalking. Subsections were added to the page on technology-aided stalking, stalking by juveniles and anti-stalking legislation. With technology use highly integrated into society today, information on technology-aided stalking is an important addition to StopVAW. Learn more 

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National News



  • Afghanistan:Courts Vacate Sentences for Afghans who Tortured Victim of Forced Marriage  (More information)     


  • Canada:Nova Scotia Women Advocate for Expansion of Scope of Law on Torture  (More information)  


  • Croatia: Report by the Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women (More information)    


  • India: New Law and Regulations to Combat Acid Attacks, but Little Support for Victims (More information)


  • Liberia: Increased Availability of Obstetric Fistula Treatment for Liberian Women (More information)   


South Sudan       


  United Arab Emirates      

  • United Arab Emirates: Dubai Pardons Victim Who Received Prison Sentence After Reporting Rape (More information) 

United Kingdom

 United States


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New Research and Reports


New Resource: Free Online Course to Raise Awareness of FGM (More information)


New Report: UNICEF Releases New Report on FGM (More information)

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International and Regional News


UNiTE Emphasizes the Importance of Implementing the Conclusions of the 57th Commission on the Status of Women (More information)

Acting Head of UN Women: Decisive National and International Action Needed to End Violence Against Women
(More information)


Africa: Maputo Protocol Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary (More information)

United Nations: Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka Named Executive Director of UN Women (More information)

United Nations: Women Protection Advisers to be Deployed in Conflict Zones
(More information)

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Is your country in the process of drafting or amending a domestic violence law?

The Advocates for Human Rights provides commentary to laws and amendments on domestic violence upon request. See examples of our Commentary on National Laws here.


Additionally, The Advocates for Human Rights works on domestic violence legal reform, including trainings for legal professionals and extensive research and reports that monitor domestic violence laws and implementation in partner countries. Learn more about this work.


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Current staff members of The Advocates for Human Rights involved with the development of StopVAW include: Mary Ellingen, Beatriz Menanteau, Mary O'Brien, Rosalyn Park, Robin Phillips, Helen Rubenstein, and Cheryl Thomas. Current fellows, interns, and volunteers include Aurelija Olendraite, Claire Kelly, Thea Reilkoff, Linnea VanPilsum-Bloom and Kate Vohs. /