Legal Reform

The Advocates for Human Rights offers a range of resources designed to foster legal reform efforts throughout the world. When properly developed, legal reforms can also help create more effective laws that better protect women and promote accountability for the perpetrators of violence. StopVAW has collected an array of information on the following subjects:

Human Rights Reporting

Women Human Rights Training

Advocating for New Laws or Reforms

Guides to Drafting New Laws:

COVID-19 Information for Domestic Violence Victims

Due to COVID-19, many women may be quarantined at home with their abusers. If you or someone you love is in this situation, domestic violence organizations and shelters are developing resources to keep you safe during this health crisis. Click here to see information on creating a safety plan, practicing self-care, reaching out if safe to do so, protecting yourself with online resources, relocation to shelter, and 911 emergency services.