Map source: Human Rights Watch

Tajikistan, population 7 million, is located in Central Asia.

Under the Constitution of Tajikistan, all individuals are equal before the law and courts, rights and freedoms are guaranteed irrespective of ethnicity, race, sex, language, faith, political beliefs, education, or social or property status and women and men have equal rights.  However, traditional attitudes and customs, combined with a legal system that provides inadequate protection, have resulted in a subordinate status for women in Tajikistan.

According to the Violence Against Women Report on the 1999 World Health Organization Pilot Study in Tajikistan,  50% of Tajik women reported experiencing some form of violence by a family member, while 47% reported experiencing sexual violence by their husbands. Because of traditional attitudes on gender and male dominance, many men in Tajikistan do not feel that beating their wife is physical violence. And, according to Women and Men in the Republic of Tajikistan, most women aged 15-49 years believe that a husband has the right to beat a wife. 

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