Domestic Violence

Domestic violence directed against women by their intimate partners (current or former spouses or boyfriends) is an epidemic of global proportions that has devastating physical, emotional, financial and social effects on women, children, the family and the community. Critical to efforts to combat domestic violence has been the growing recognition of domestic violence as a violation of women's human rights.

The consequences of domestic violence, both physical and psychological, are so devastating that some consider it a form of torture. Domestic violence affects not only battered women and their children, but also the entire community. Due to the prevalence and pervasiveness of domestic violence in nearly every part of the world, communities must react with a comprehensive strategy incorporating advocacy, legal reform, and education to combat the problem.

General Information
Increase your understanding of the theories of violence, the prevalence of the problem in various parts of the world, causes and contributing factors, and the effects and consequences.
Best Practices
Get sample training materials and guidelines for advocating for an end to domestic violence, adaptable to your country-specific circumstances, and explore methods for promoting awareness, lobbying, and protecting victims
Find information on states' international legal obligations under both the United Nations and the European human rights systems as well as model legislation and tips to guide drafting and reform efforts.