Canada: Leaders Discuss the Failure to Address Violence Against Indigenous Women and Girls
Monday, June 3, 2024 1:15 PM

Five years after Canada declared violence against Indigenous women and girls a national tragedy and genocide, progress on addressing this issue has been minimal, according to the Assembly of First Nations Chief Cindy Woodhouse Nepinak. On review of a 2019 report that included 231 recommendations, only two have been fully implemented. Nepinak, as well as other leaders, are calling for greater political will and systemic change to address the ongoing violence, which has roots in racism and historical injustices. Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Gary Anandasangaree acknowledged the challenges but emphasized the need for a generational effort to fully implement the recommendations.

Compiled from: AFP, "Canada chief laments ‘failure’ over violence against Indigenous women", Fox 28 Spokane, Jun. 3, 2024.