Sexual Harassment Training and Victim Advocacy

Women's human rights advocates around the world work to bring an end to sexual harassment so that women will have equal access to career opportunities and employment privileges. Advocates work to provide necessary services to victims of sexual harassment, including counseling referrals, legal advice, and hotlines. Together with members of the legal community, they have worked to draft legislation which prohibits various forms of sexual harassment, requires employers to take action to prevent sexual harassment and establishes governmental agencies to monitor employer practices and enforce sexual harassment law.

Prevention of Sexual Harassment
Often, the best way to combat sexual harassment and provide women with equal employment opportunity is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Learn about the roles of various government agencies and organizations in preventing sexual harassment. Get the basic info you need to begin engaging in prevention techniques.

Prevention Mechanisms, Policies and Strategies
Learn about various sexual harassment prevention techniques, including monitoring the workplace, training and complaint procedures, employee advocacy, the role of collective bargaining and trade unions, and even communication strategies that can help eradicate harassment in the workplace.