Training and Advocacy to Stop Trafficking in Women

Women's advocates in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union and around the world are addressing the problem of women and girls being trafficked into the commercial sex industry as a human rights violation and a form of gender-based violence. Advocates can help bring an end to sex trafficking by providing victim assistance, raising awareness, and training professionals in the best practices to prevent trafficking in women and girls, support victims, and bring the perpetrators of trafficking to justice. Advocates may also volunteer their time or donate to a human rights organization to help end the sexual exploitation and prostitution of women and girls.

Victim Protection, Support, and Assistance
Safehouses, hotlines, crisis centers, and other similar mechanisms can provide much-needed support for victims of domestic abuse. Find tips and guidelines for addressing the challenges of providing assistance to vulnerable women.

Prevention of Trafficking in Women
An effective prevention strategy should incorporate lobbying, training, and education and awareness-raising. Learn how to build understanding of sex trafficking within the community and promote the perception that victims of human trafficking are victims, and not criminals.