Complaint Mechanism - Commission on the Status of Women
last updated 7 June 2013 – Information is subject to change. Please check the Commission’s website for updates.
Type of Mechanism
Communications Procedure under the mandate of the Commission on the Status of Women
Scope of the Procedure
Human rights, including political, civil, social, and educational rights, which affect the status of women in any country of the world.
Who Can Submit a Complaint[1]
Any individual, nongovernmental organization (NGO), group or network. 
Role of Advocates
NGOs are encouraged to monitor and communicate to the Commission, or assist victims in communicating to the Commission, violations of women’s human rights.
Available Remedies[2]
No individual remedies are available. The Commission recommends urgent needs for action to the UN Economic and Social Council, but does not take any action itself outside of reporting.
What the Complaint should Include[3]
The communication should include the identity, to the extent possible, of the woman or women victims, the country or countries in which the violations took place, the date or approximate time period and circumstances of the violation, and any supporting documentation available.
Where to Send Communications
The communication must be submitted to:
CSW Communications Procedure
Human Rights Section
UN Women
220 East 42nd Street, 17th floor
New York, NY 10017
The Commission sets a deadline for receiving communications each year. Refer to the CSW website for further information.

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