New Report: Uneven Sex Ratios in Asian Countries and Violence Against Women
Wednesday, December 19, 2018 11:50 AM

A recent study released by researchers Nadia Diamond-Smith and Kara Rudolph shows how the unbalanced ratios between men and women in Asian countries are associated with higher rates of violence against women. Since the 1980’s, the ratio of boys in countries such as China or India has grown to nearly 120 boys to 100 girls due to the preference of sons over daughters. As the ratio continues to expand, it has left a shortage of brides for men. Men have turned to forced sex (rape) and violence in order to find a wife, thus endangering women and enlarging the ratio even further.

A report released December 4th, 2018 by Human Rights Watch also discusses how the abundance of men endangers women through trafficking. For men who cannot find a bride, many go to extreme measures to do so. In countries such as China or Myanmar, traffickers offer jobs to young, vulnerable women and girls. Once sold to families in search of brides, the victims are then raped repeatedly until they can provide a child for the family. Whether there is an abundance or shortage of women, women seem to lose and continue to be the victim of violence.

Compiled from: Nadia Diamond-Smith and Kara Rudolph, The Association Between Uneven Sex Ratios and Violence: Evidence from 6 Asian Countries, PLOS, (June 1, 2018); Heather Barr, You Should Be Worrying About The Woman Shortage, Human Rights Watch (Dec. 4, 2018).