Women Constitute 30 Percent of EU Parliament Members
Monday, July 12, 2004 4:45 PM

Following the June 2004 election of members of the European Parliament, the percentage of women MEPs is around 30 percent, down slightly from the 31.31 percent in the previous legislature.


According to the EUObserver, Sweden is the only country among the 25 EU states to have more women than men as MEPs (11 out of 19).  Two new EU countries, Cyprus and Malta, have no women members of parliament; Poland has 7 women out of 54 MEPs. 


The slight overall decrease in the percentage of women MEPs was not unexpected, given that the newer member states have fewer women MEPs (only one-fifth overall).


Compiled from: EU Observer, news release, 6 July 2004.   


See the complete news release here.