UNIFEM Creates New Gender and HIV/AIDS Electronic Library
Tuesday, June 7, 2005 10:55 AM

The United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), in conjunction with the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), has created a Gender and HIV/AIDS Electronic Library based on the Gender and HIV/AIDS Web Portal.

The new library, available in CD-ROM format, contains research, training, and advocacy materials. Topic areas include:

  • Gender Mainstreaming and HIV/AIDS
  • Gender, Sexuality and Power Relations
  • Gender, Human Rights and HIV/AIDS
  • Prevention, Treatment and Care
  • Legislation and Policy
  • Adolescents and Youth
  • Gender, HIVAIDS, and Conflict
  • Stigma and Discrimination
  • Violence Against Women and HIV/AIDS
  • The Care Economy and Women's Unpaid Work
  • HIV/AIDS in the Workplace
  • Men and MasculinitiesPeople Living with HIV/AIDS

The library also contains materials in French and Spanish and features an "e-Course Builder" that allows users to create customized electronic courses and reports.

For a copy of the library, send a request to unifem@genderandaids.org

Information and resources are available on the UNIFEM Gender and HIV/AIDS web portal.

Compiled from: UNIFEM, “Gender and HIV/AIDS Electronic Library,” UNIFEM Currents Newsletter, 7 June 2005, http://www.unifem.org/resources/item_detail.php?ProductID=39