Request for NGO Input - UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women U.N. Report on the InterConnections Between Violence Against Women and HIV/AIDS
Tuesday, October 12, 2004 9:45 AM

As the report is prepared, the current Special Rapporteur, Dr. Yakin Erturk, invites NGOs to contribute their responses. The HIV pandemic cannot be effectively addressed without dealing with gender, as violence against women is both a cause and consequence of HIV and AIDS. Considering that VAW and HIV are both epidemics of crisis proportions and longer-term development and human rights issues, what do you believe to be the most critical interventions to be implemented in order to remedy:

  1. Women’s particular vulnerabilities to HIV.
  2. Particular kinds of stigmas experienced by women with HIV.
  3. Constraints on women's access to medical care and justice.

Please include the name of your organisation, the country in which you are located, a website address if you have one, and a few sentences of description about your main activities. Send responses to Sara Nordstrom, 16 Days Coordinator, at by October 15. Reponses will be forwarded on to the office of the Special Rapporteur.