Romania Ratifies EU Accession Treaty
Wednesday, May 18, 2005 9:25 AM

On 17 May 2005, Romania's parliament voted unanimously to ratify the EU accession treaty. On 25 April 2005, both Romania and Bulgaria signed the treaties, which lay out conditions for accession. Bulgaria ratified its treaty on 11 May 2005. Neither country required that a referendum be held. 

Romania's Prime Minister Calin Taricenu indicated that, "[t]he ratification of the treaty is a turning-point in Romania's political history." He then acknowledged the need to address corruption and neccessary reform of the judiciary.

Romania has agreed to undertake particular reform efforts and must meet the terms of the accession treaty to become a full member in 2007, as projected. Its contract includes a safeguard provision allowing current EU member states to postpone full membership if Romania does not make the necessary reforms. In addition, membership can be delayed if Romania fails to make adequate "reforms in the fields of justice and home affairs, and competition policy." Such a delay would result from a qualified majority vote by member states.

All EU member states must also ratify the treaty.

Compiled from: "Romania ratifies EU accession treaty," Elitsa Vucheva., 18 May 2005.