Website for Sexual Violence Research Initiative of the World Health Organization
Monday, December 20, 2004 3:40 PM

The World Health Organization Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI)provides resources relating to sexual violence research on its website here.  The website provides information relating to the activities of the SVRI and sexual violence research results in general.  The goal of the SVRI is to promote and disseminate research that will enable policy-makers to reduce and respond to sexual violence.  The SVRI conducts projects to identify gaps in sexual violence research, build the capacity of organizations to conduct such research, directly support research, raise awareness about the prevalence and characteristics of sexual violence and build partnerships to address sexual violence in society.  SVRI has identified the following research topics as a priority: 

  • Nature and magnitude of sexual violence, including research on masculinity and risk factors;
  • Health consequences of sexual violence;
  • Women's responses to sexual violence services;
  • Medico-legal responses to sexual violence; and
  • Alternative forms of justice in cases of sexual violence.

The SVRI focuses on:

  • Sexual abuse and coercion of adult and adolescent women;
  • Child sexual abuse;
  • Sexual torture;
  • Sexual violence in war situations; and
  • Trafficking in women and children for sex.