Human Rights Watch Releases World Report 2005
Thursday, January 20, 2005 10:55 AM

Human Rights Watch recently released its annual World Report with detailed analysis on the human rights situation in countries across the globe. While the primary focus of the report is on the Darfur crisis in Sudan, the report also takes a strong stance on the shortcomings of the European Union (EU) in upholding human rights standards.

The report criticizes the EU’s efforts to limit human rights protection through migration and anti-terrorism legislation. In particular, it points to the proposed off-shore processing of asylum seekers and the under-funded and underdeveloped asylum and immigration procedures currently in place in the new EU member states. In addition, Human Rights Watch condemned the UK’s anti-terrorism act, allowing for indefinite detention of terrorist suspects and Spain’s policy of holding suspects in isolation.

The report also points to the human rights violations in many former soviet states. The report claims that Moscow controls all of Russia through President Vladimir Putin who has made moves to centralize power in the presidency. In Russia, the report states, police torture, military hazing, disappearances and extrajudicial executions of opponents in Chechnya remain the norm.

Belarus fares no better. In October, not one person from the opposition party gained a seat in the 110-member Chamber of Representatives. The report attributes this to severe repression of the media.

The governments of Armenia and Azerbaijan continue violate human rights as well, as presidential elections in both countries were fraudulent and protest movements in response to such fraud were violently suppressed.

The report touches on the Ukraine as well. While the election of opposition candidate Viktor Yushchenko is promising, much remains to be seen in terms of limitations placed on political freedoms by the new Ukraine government.

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