OSCE Mission and Kosovo Women's Network Advocate for Women's Participation in the Political Process
Monday, September 20, 2004 12:25 PM

Tomorrow, the OSCE Mission in Kosovo and the Kosovo Womens network will introduce the advocacy campaign, Women purpose. The three-stage campaign is designed to promote the increased participation of women as voters and candidates in the October Assembly elections. The first stage of the campaign will establish an Information Service to inform women candidates on municipalities and relevant issues. The second stage will attempt to endorse women candidates through the Kosovo Womens Network webpage and the distribution of candidate information. Finally, the third stage will involve public meetings and radio and television debates with women candidates from all 30 municipalities.

According to the OSCE, Women purpose will benefit from extensive media coverage through the attention of local radio stations and the broadcasting of a documentary on the campaign on a local television station. Both outlets are expected to further mobilize and promote the participation of women in the political process.

Through support by the OSCE, the Star Network of Learning and UNIFEM, Women Purpose marks the most recent campaign for womens political rights. The advocacy campaign, Political Parties Work for Women, came to a close earlier this year.

Complied from:  "OSCE Mission and Kosovo Women's Network Continue Advocacy for Women's Empowerment," OSCE Online, News, 20 September 2004.