Sexual Harassment in Armenia
Friday, February 25, 2005 11:55 AM

Sociometer, an independent sociological center, recently conducted a public opinion poll on sexual harassment in Armenia. The poll concluded that 78 percent of Armenian women consider themselves subject to violence and sexual harassment. In Yerevan and the regions of Shirak, Lori and Aragatsotn, 63 to 64 percent of women interviewed claimed to have experienced sexual harassment at their places of employment. According to the poll, such treatment causes one in every five women to quit her job and 5 percent of women have been forced into unwanted relationships with a male co-worker in a superior position within the company.

The poll documents that sexual harassment is most prevalent in government positions at the state-level and, oftentimes, the targets of sexual harassment are highly educated women who have postponed marriage to further their careers.

Upon release of the poll, Lilit Avetisyan, leader of the NGO, Women’s Forum, underlined the importance of passing certain amendments to the Labor Code of Armenia presented to the Armenian Parliament in November 2003.

Compiled from: Violence Against Armenian Women, News, The Network of East-West Women-Polska,, 25 February 2005.