United Nations Releases New Report on Sexual Exploitation by U.N. Peacekeepers
Friday, March 25, 2005 12:25 PM

The United Nations released a report on sex abuse by peacekeepers today, entitled A Comprehensive Strategy to Eliminate Future Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in United Nations Peacekeeing Operations,  Report of Prince Zeid Ra'ad Zedi Al-Hussein, adviser on sexual exploitation and abuse by U.N. peackeeping personnel to the Secretary-General, 2005. (PDF, 41 pages - available in all official languages of the United Nations).


The report cites the phenomena of sexual exploitation and abuse by military, civilian police, and civilian peacekeeping personnel in post-conflict situations and makes suggestions to Member States, as well as to the United Nations, as to how best confront and eliminate instances of sexual exploitation in the United Nations' peacekeeping operations.


Specifically, the report identifies issues of concern and concrete recommendations, including the standardization of rules against sexual exploitation and abuse for all categories of peacekeeping personnel; the provision of a professional investigative capacity for all missions, and the strengthening of individual accountability, including financial aid and criminal accountability.


The report can be downloaded at www.un.org/peacekeeping/bestpractices.