Azerbaijan Adopts Action Plan Against Human Trafficking
Tuesday, May 18, 2004 1:55 PM

BAKU, 18 May 2004 - The OSCE Office in Baku today welcomed the adoption by Azerbaijan of a national action plan to co-ordinate all efforts in the fight against human trafficking.

"The Government of Azerbaijan should be congratulated for its forward-looking and proactive stance in fighting trafficking in human beings," said Robin Seaword, Deputy Head of the OSCE Office in Baku. "We hope that by consistent implementation of the letter and spirit of the National Action Plan, Azerbaijan will play a model role in this field."

"The events in this sphere represent the most rapid progress anywhere, from a starting point in November 2002, when the existence of trafficking in human beings was not recognised, to the adoption of the National Action Plan," he added.

The document is a result of the close co-operation between the Azerbaijani Government and institutions and the international partners. It is in line with the spirit and provisions of the OSCE documents on the prevention of trafficking in human beings, which commit all participating States to take actions to eradicate human trafficking.

The Action Plan envisages further improvement of the legal framework, assignment of a National Co-ordinator, creation of a special police department against human trafficking, ensuring protection of victims and consolidation of resources and activities of the relevant governmental, non-governmental and international organizations.

"We share a common goal, a common determination, and a common strategy to succeed," said Mr. Robin Seaword, stressing the Office's readiness to continue its co-operation with the Azerbaijani authorities and institutions. "We stand ready to offer Azerbaijan further advice and assistance to abolish trafficking and related transnational criminal activities."

Cited from OSCE Online Press Release, 18 May 2004, available here.