Prostitution Bill Will Require Czech Republic to Repeal Commitment to 1958 Treaty
Tuesday, October 5, 2004 9:55 AM

A new bill on prostitution currently under preparation in the Czech Republic will require the country to back out of an international agreement signed in 1958, aimed at fighting the trafficking of women.

By signing the International Convention Against Trafficking in Women then-Czechoslovakia agreed not to pass future legislation supervising prostitutes, something the new bill has proposed in order to regulate legal age of prostitutes and their frequency of medical checks.

The government, which gave the go-ahead for the bill in April, is set to discuss the Czech Republic's repealing its commitment to the international treaty on Wednesday.

Cited from:  "Prostitution bill will require Czech Republic to Repeal Commitment to 1958 Treaty,"  Jan Vellinger, Radio Prague, News, 4 October, 2004.