Amnesty International Publishes Report on Domestic Violence in Turkey
Tuesday, June 8, 2004 9:50 AM

As part of its Stop Violence Against Women Campaign launched in March 2004, Amnesty International published a report entitled Turkey: Women Confronting Family Violence on 2 June 2004. The report presents the cases of individual women who have been victims of domestic violence and examines the causes of and contributing factors to domestic violence. The report also identifies traditional practices, including early marriage, “crimes of honor” like forced suicide or honor killings, and continuing court practices reducing the sentences for rapists if they promise to marry their victim.

In a press release issued by the International Secretariat of Amnesty International, the organization called on the Turkish government to ensure that:

  • "Women are provided with protective mechanisms such as shelters, judicial mechanisms and appropriate health care, reparation and redress;"
  • "Prosecutors and police investigate and press charges against perpetrators of violence against women;"
  • "There is comprehensive recording and statistical monitoring of incidence of violence against women;"
  • "Laws to protect women are properly enforced;"
  • "Women's rights groups and other NGOs receive support for their work in eradicating discrimination and violence against women."

Cited from the Amnesty International press release of June 2, 2004, AI Index: EUR 44/021/2004.