World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT) Publishes “Violence Against Women: 10 Reports/Year 2003”
Friday, July 9, 2004 11:45 AM

The latest publication from the Violence Against Women Programme of the World Organisation Against Torture , “Violence Against Women: 10 Reports/Year 2003”, is a compilation of 10 country reports that have been presented to the five main human rights treaty bodies.  The ten countries represented in the report are Bangladesh, Brazil, Cameroon, Colombia, Eritrea, Estonia, Mali, Russia, Turkey and the United Kingdom.


The report highlights the fact that despite differences of social, cultural and political contexts, patterns and frequency of violence against women span both national and socio-economic borders as well as cultural identities.  The lack of appropriate legislation on violence against women, inequality in society’s gender roles, and government laxity on punishing perpetrators of violence are all factors contributing to the continuing and widespread occurrence of violence against women.


For more information on the publication of the report, see the complete OMCT press release.


The complete report (PDF, 426 pages) is available on OMCT’s website.


Compiled from: OMCT launches its publication “Violence Against Women: 10 Reports/Year 2003”, 7 July 2004.