A National Report on Domestic Abuse in Afghanistan Is Released
Wednesday, July 2, 2008 2:06 PM

A report prepared by Global Rights: Partners for Justices compiles the findings from surveys conducted in Afghanistan in 2006 with women throughout the country.  The report found that most women (87.2%) will suffer some form of violence in their lifetime, and that many (62.0%) will suffer from multiple forms of violence.  The organization defined violence as including either physical, sexual, or psychological abuse, or forced marriage. 

The factors that are likely to increase the risk of violence and the factors that provide protection against violence are outlined in the report. It also discusses the state's response to domestic violence and finds the failure to create any meaningful impact in decreasing violence against women.  The report argues that the Afghani state is failing in its duty to prevent and protect victims of violence under its obligation of due diligence in international human rights law.  Recommendations made to improve protection include criminal law reform, family law reform, and procedural reform.

For the full report, click here.


Compiled from: "Living with Violence: A National Report on Domestic Abuse in Afghanistan," Global Rights: Partners for Justice, Afghan Gender Cafe, March 2008.