Alternative Human Rights Report Released on Tajikistan
Monday, January 8, 2007 9:59 AM

For the 37th Session for the United Nations Committee Against Torture, the World Organization Against Torture in conjunction with five Tajik NGOs released an alternative human rights report for consideration.  The alternative report focuses specifically on human rights violations faced by women and children and includes recommendations to address such violations. 

The report identifies the political atmosphere in the region for former Soviet countries, especially as it pertains to human rights and NGOs working to address human rights violations.  The report also details the economic situation in Tajikistan, and its citizens' dependence on remittances.  Attitudes about traditional roles for women within the family made Tajik women vulnerable to domestic violence.  The report also discloses an increase in child labor and higher levels of school drop-outs for Tajik youth.

The report continues to outline the current laws regarding protections for women and children, including forced labor and trafficking.  From the current laws, the report outlines recommendations to improve reporting and implementation of laws to protect the human rights of women and children.

Compiled from: "Human Rights Violations in Tajikistan, An Alternative Report to the United Nations Committee Against Torture, 37th Session,"  World Organization Against Torture.  November 2006.  (PDF, 37 pages).