Study Finds An Epidemic of Domestic Violence
Monday, June 26, 2006 11:55 AM

With 44% of respondents in a recent research survey stating that they have been victims of intimate partner violence, domestic violence has become a “virtual epidemic.” The recently published study, conducted by Dr. Robert S. Thompson of the Group Health Center for Health Studies, indicates the prevalence of domestic violence and its impact on both the physical and mental health of women.

The study revealed that both physical abuse, such as hitting and forced sex, and psychological abuse, such as threats and controlling behavior, both leave a significant negative effect on women’s health whether having taken place together or separately.

The research showed that women who have recent victims of domestic violence are three to four times more likely than other women to report symptoms of severe depression and poor/fair health. The study also showed that domestic violence was more common among younger women, single mothers, women with low incomes and low amounts of education, and those who had been previously abused as a child.

Researchers concluded that the active participation of physicians routinely questioning their patients about domestic violence, and subsequently referring them to appropriate help services, could possibly lower the rate of domestic violence.

Compiled from: “Epidemic of Domestic Violence Affecting Women Physically and Mentally,” Gender Informational Network of South Caucasus,, 2 June 2006, Accessed 26 June 2006.