Armenian Parliament Passes Act on Human Trafficking
Friday, November 2, 2007 2:37 PM

To combat the risk of sexual exploitation of women and children being trafficked from/through Armenia without their knowledge or consent, the Armenia Parliament has recently passed the Anti-Human Trafficking on Air Act. This act consists of rescuing human trafficking victims by means of notifying all passengers before take-off with brochures and a presentation describing human trafficking and the option for potential victims to alert the crew so that they may be safely evacuated. 


Many of these victims are given the false impression from their traffickers that they are being transported to wealthier countries to work as waitresses or similar positions. Upon arrival they are forced into prostitution and suffer regular physical and emotional abuse. This act aims to help victims recognize their situation before they are further exploited. 


Compiled from: Armenian Parliament Passes Act on Human Trafficking, HULIQ, last visited 2 November 2007.