Campaign 88 Days
Wednesday, January 4, 2006 9:05 AM

Campaign 88 Days is an effort to raise awareness, take action and mobilise resources for women's rights worldwide. In the 88 days between December 10, 2005, International Human Rights Day and March 8 2006, International Women’s Day, you can help keep women safe from domestic and sexual violence, guarantee them equal treatment in the work force, push governments to do what’s right for women, and support groundbreaking initiatives. Together with your support we can change the world in 88 days. Because women’s rights are human rights…read the facts.

What can you do?
Share your vision, courage, hope and voice in any – or all – of these five ways. You will join thousands of women around the world in the Mama Cash Campaign 88 Days.

Petition the European Commission to do what’s right for women! In 2003, only 0.04% of the total European Commission aid supported women-specific projects. This is unacceptable! Help bring change by signing the world-wide petition to the European Commission asking them to increase their support for women.
Source: report “Where is the Money for Women’s Rights Work?”, Zed Books, October 2005. 

Vote for the (she changes the world)-award. From around the world, six pioneering organizations, supported by Mama Cash, are nominated. The winner will receive €20.000 from Mama Cash to help change the world where they live.

Contribute €1 every day for 88 days, or whatever amount is right for you, and help raise €1 million that Mama Cash turns into grants to make the world a better place for women, men and children. Mama needs cash!

Send an e-card! Send everyone you know the Campaign 88 Days e-card. Energize your friends, family and colleagues. Together with you, we can make this campaign known around the world! 

Be informed by registering for 8 times Mama Cash e-news with Campaign 88 Days progress reports, ways to take action, stories of brave and inspiring women who are changing the world.

Where’s Campaign 88 Days from?

Campaign 88 Days was initiated in December 2003 by the HER Fund (, the women’s fund in Hong Kong. HER Fund will hold Campaign 88 Days again in Hong Kong this year. Other women’s funds doing the campaign this year are Tewa (, Nepal), Nirnaya (, India) and the Mongolian Women's Fund (

Cited from: Mama Cash website, last visited 12 December 2005.