Conference Explored Relationship Between Gender Equality and Human Security
Thursday, March 26, 2009 10:34 AM

Following a September 2008 working conference co-convened by the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice at the University of San Diego and the United Nations Development Fund for Women, a conference report entitled Crafting Human Security in an Insecure World was released.

The conference, which brought together academics, practitioners, students, and survivors of violence, was aimed at addressing the ways in which gender inequality and sexual violence contribute directly to human insecurity. The conference report asserted that there must be a greater focus on achieving gender equity in order to undo the structural frameworks that contribute to cycles of conflict and violence.

At the conference, contributors identified a number of strategies for eliminating the gender inequalities that contribute to conflict and violence. For example, it was proposed that women have more involvement in the peacemaking process and that there be increased leadership opportunities for women in United Nations peacekeeping operations. Additionally, it was suggested that in post-conflict situations, international law should be utilized to overcome systems of patriarchy. One issue that was identified by several of the contributors as needing further attention and greater priority was the prevelant use of sexual violence against women in conflict situations.

To access the full conference report, please click here.

Compiled from: Crafting Human Security in an Insecure World (Sept. 2008); Crafting Human Security in an Insecure World - Gender Report, Women's UN Report Network (25 March 2009).