EU Encourages Turkey to Further its Efforts to Combat Violence Against Women
Tuesday, July 18, 2006 2:12 PM

Violence against women in Turkey has become a concern for the European Union. The European Commission has told Turkey that it must do more to combat the violence in order to strengthen its EU bid. According to a study by the Diyarbakir Women’s Education and Counseling Center, 58% of women in the southeast region of Turkey have experienced family violence.

Turkey strengthened its penal code last year by removing “honor” as a mitigating factor in honor killing cases, which has led to an increased punishment for perpetrators up to a life sentence. This is just one instance in which the European Union has shown its commitment to combating violence against women. An EU Commission envoy has also called for non-government organizations to join an EU program committed to ending violence against women.

Compiled from: “Turkey Must Get Tough on Violence Against Women-EU.” Reuters 10 July 2006, accessed 18 July 2006.