EU Passes Resolution on Trafficking
Monday, February 6, 2006 11:50 AM

The European Union passed a resolution concerning the rising trend of trafficking of women and children.  The resolution recognizes the contributions of international human rights documents, EU reports and communications, and international conventions, conferences, and action plans in creating the body of the resolution.  It recognizes the proportions, the geographical dimensions, and the causal factors of the trafficking industry, stating that previous treaties on trafficking have caused no improvements and that the industry continues to expand and develop.  Trafficking is a serious crime and a gross abuse of fundamental human rights, the resolution declares, and in order to prevent this transnational crime governments must be willing to work together on all levels -- regional, national, international -- to address all aspects of the trafficking process, including push and pull factors.  Furthermore, the resolution suggests passing treaties with a goal of halving trafficking numbers in the near future, and suggests studies on the links between migration, trafficking, and demand for prostitution.  Calling on all member nations to actively work against trafficking by providing education and employment and enforcing laws, the resolution also demands all relevant bodies of the EU to make the reduction of trafficking a central programmatic goal. 

Compiled from: "European Parliament resolution on strategies to prevent the trafficking of women and children who are vulnerable to sexual exploitation (2004/2216(INI))", European Parliament, 17 January 2006.