Europe: New Manual for Support Groups with Survivors of Domestic Violence
Friday, September 25, 2009 3:47 PM

Women’s rights advocates in Britain, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, and Portugal have produced a new resource to help victims of domestic violence through support groups. Available in five languages, The Power to Change manual outlines a program model for creating self-help and support groups for women who have been in abusive relationships, specifically highlighting the importance of a group facilitator, group development, educational self-help, and self-esteem.

The guide was created after two years of work by women’s rights organizations throughout Europe, including Women’s Aid in Britain, NANE in Hungary, Associazione Artemisi in Italy, MTÜ Naiste Varjupaik in Estonia and Associacao de Mulheres Contra a Violencia in Portugal. Building upon the experience and expertise of the involved organizations, The Power to Change is intended to be used as a practical tool for women's rights groups as well as more informal self-help groups.

Compiled from: Women’s Aid, “Guide to Running Support Groups” (24 November 2008); Women’s UN Report Network, “Guide for Support Groups with Victims & Survivors of Domestic Violence” (25 September 2009).