European Commission Publishes Gender Equality Roadmap
Wednesday, March 22, 2006 11:40 AM

In view of International Women's Day March 8, the European Commission has published a Gender Equality Roadmap with concrete policy objectives and strategies and an implementation timeframe of 2006 - 2010. The roadmap seeks to improve gender equality in employment, government, and policy within European Union member nations, by reviewing existing EU law, policy, and statistics. Its six priority areas for action are:

  • Achieving equal economic independence for women and men;
  • Enhancing reconciliation of work, private and family life;
  • Promoting equal participation of men and women in decision-making;
  • Eradicating gender-based violence and trafficking;
  • Eliminating gender stereotypes in society and;
  • Promoting gender equality outside the EU.

    Each area is supported by concrete actions to be taken by European Commission and EU officials to promote the specific goal, such as increasing awareness of gender equality in educational institutions, creating a network of women in political and economic decision-making positions, and promoting female entreprenuership. Furthermore, a new European institute for gender equality, if approved, will be established by 1 January 2007 and have an operational budget of €52.5 million until 2013. The efforts to decrease the gender gap in payment, employment, and political power, as well as efforts to decrease violence against women and trafficking, will center within the institution, which will provide scholarly expertise, compile data, and measure progess towards goals.

    Compiled from: "Commission to Tackel Gender Equality with New Roadmap and €50 Million Gender Institute"European Union Office of Employment, Social Affairs, and Equal Opportunities. 3 March 2006.